6 Simple Carpet Cleaning Tricks for a New-Looking Carpet

When you first buy a carpet, especially one of high quality, it will definitely give your space the beauty and allure that comes with flooring. But over time, a little spill here and there, shoes carrying dirt, muddy paws, and inevitable footfalls can turn that carpet into a tired-looking and worn-out home fitting.

Should you worry? Not at all. Our simple tips will guide you to have a long-lasting carpet that won’t look tired.

  1. Regular vacuuming: It is good to have the best vacuum cleaner in your house, but it doesn’t translate to having a clean carpet. To get the best out of your vacuum cleaner, maintain it. Clear the filters from time to time, as a full vacuum will not work to its maximum. With a functional vacuum cleaner, you can effectively keep your carpet clean and spot-free.

    In as much as you have a carpet, regular vacuuming is important. You wouldn’t want to walk onto a carpet filled with debris and all kinds of contaminants; they have health consequences. Again, a clean carpet will always look new as it holds nothing that irritates the fibres within.
  2. Reorganise your home setting: Carpet areas with more foot traffic will flatten out and wear down. Some parts will look fluffy, and others will be flat. When you regularly rearrange your home setting, it will give your carpet the chance to look and feel new. You can also change the position of the furniture every six months or so for optimum outcome. This will spread the carpeted load evenly.
  3. Baking soda is great: Okay, so you have a carpet that looks clean. Wow! That’s lovely. But is it just about the look? What of the smell? You can have a clean but bad-smelling carpet. This is where baking soda comes in. A slight application of baking soda over your entire carpet before vacuum cleaning will not only make it smell fresh but look clean as well. How about carpet areas that have rough stains? Apply the baking soda, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then go ahead to vacuum.
  4. Emergency stain remover kit: The last thing you probably want to see on your carpet is a stain of any kind: wine spills, smeared oil from foods, watermarks, mud from soiled shoes, etc. A stained carpet is just the beginning of a carpet ruin if you don’t make the right and timely steps to fight it. Carpet with stains is an instant turnoff for visitors in homes and offices.

    As part of your household items, you should have a good supply of very active stain removing products. This way, any stain that appears can be easily and quickly tackled. For starters, you can get shaving cream, hydrogen peroxide, club soda, and dishwater detergent. These substances are excellent stain removers. For instance, hydrogen peroxide can remove blood stains from carpets.
  5. Keep loose ends trimmed: When the tufts begin to have loose snags, it would certainly not be a good sight. You may be tempted to pull it out – this will worsen the issue as the carpet will be torn from the backing. Leaving the snag the way it is will not be nice either. So, get a pair of scissors and trim the snag before the problem gets worse.

    If you have little children and pets at home, do well to look out for loose snags because kids and pets can pull them out. Once you see one, trim it.
  6. Deep clean regularly: Steps 1 to 5 are great if you follow them. But it is possible that your carpet can still look worn-out and old after some months of use. Come to think of it, all the above steps are DIY procedures. So it may have some level of incompetence.

Just like you would ask a plumber to inspect a pipe leak when you must have done the checks your eyes can see, it is imperative that your carpet gets a professional deep clean. During the cleaning, the experts will reach deep down into the fibres of your carpet and pull out unseen irritants.

Who should you hire?

Not everyone that cleans carpet knows how to make them clean! There are various methods and tools for each kind of carpet, depending on the level of stain and dirt it carries.

So, if you want your carpet to be breathable after cleaning, book your carpet cleaner at Ryan Carpet Cleaning, our impeccable carpet services will leave no stain or dirt on your carpet. We clean carpets through and through with a variety of cleaning techniques. Your carpet needs will be met because we are very thorough when it comes to carpet cleaning.

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