7 Tips to Write a Successful Narrative Essay

The most serene way to express oneself (without being interrupted by the earthly voices) is in the form of writing. Words are pretty little scribbles that have the power to convey feelings and emotions as strong and giant as the mountains and as deep and unfathomable as the bottom of the sea. In any other form of writing, words are the major constituents. They have the power to make your piece of writing intriguing.

“Fascinating Stories Happen To Those Who Can Tell Them”

Narrative essays are one of the most interesting types of essays because the writer gets the opportunity to be as creative with them as possible. It involves characters, dialogues, and scenarios, etc. As the name itself suggests, a narrative essay demands for you to narrate an incident or happening. It comprises a personal story, it can be about an event or even a time period.

How to Write a Terrific Narrative Essay?

Let’s face it, none of us would read an essay that is boring or monotonous, no matter how enlightening it might be. An essay can only prove to be successful if it can trap the reader’s attention and make them want to continue. Here is a list of seven tips that will make your narrative essay totes hit!

1)   Invest Some Brain Cells On The Topic:

Most of the time while writing a narrative essay, we are given a prompt. Dedicate some time to the prompt and think about it for a while. If your prompt is your birthday, giving some time to the topic will make you remember everything that happened on that day, you will be reminded of all the interesting details that you might have missed out, etc.

2)   Come Up With a Banging Introduction!

 If you couldn’t manage to entangle the fly in the web in your introduction then chances are they might not even continue reading. Your introduction should comprise a hook for the audience, it could be an inspiring, catchy quote, or a shocking statistic, or a question, etc. Along with some background information, and a thesis statement.

3)   Stand Out With Your Body:

Now that you have successfully come up with an amazing introduction, focus on the body. Make the best use of the three paragraphs, elaborate on all the elements included in the thesis statement. Everybody section of your essay should adhere to the following structure:

·         Topic Sentence

A topic sentence does the job of expressing the central idea of the whole paragraph. It gives a short summary or idea of what the paragraph is based on.

·         Story

Your whole narrative essay relies on the story. Make sure to devote enough words to it.

  • Conclusion

A lengthy conclusion to an essay is the same as what ketchup is to pasta; irrelevant. Keep it short and sweet, use it as a bridge to the next section but never go overboard with the content.

4)   Leave With a Good Impression:

Most students mistake the final conclusive paragraph as someplace where you repeat all the information you shared in your essay. Repeat your thesis statement, but do not do so exactly. Paraphrase it, modify the statement, use different words BUT DO NOT repeat the happenings.

5)   Revision; the Heart of Writing:

Always take out time for revision. This is often overlooked, but revising your essay is always imperative to notice all the overlooked blunders. Even when you are confident that your paper is free of errors, revise. But don’t revise right away, do it after some time. A fresh set of eyes is always good for any piece of writing.

6)   Resort to the Digital Realm:

Internet is the universal savior of all people. Sometimes when students feel it difficult to come up with essays themselves they’d rather Buy Essay Papers Online from the internet. While writing essays, you can also refer to the internet for different tools which could help enhance your essay. There is no shame in using online applications to make your final product shine.

7)   Pro Tip: READ!   

Read before you write. Read literature from famous storytellers and see how they craft their amazing essays. Reading literature would open your mind and allow you to think in a creative dimension. Some of the best narrative writers are Virginia Wolf and Ernest Hemingway both have the superpower to express narratives that are diverse. Get yourself accustomed to the art so that you are inspired to produce something equally impactful.

In Essence

As a writer, always keep the creativity in you alive. You should have the power to describe anything appealingly. If you fail to be creative, your essay would be bland, even if your experience is an exciting one.

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