Basic cleanroom storage requirements that you should know

Designing and planning clean room storage is never an easy task. You always have to focus on future needs. It is important to consider local conditions as well. The most point to keep in mind is that the requirements may not be the same for everyone. You have to think of solutions that use modular storage facilities. Each component that you select should fit specific requirements.

What exactly is a cleanroom?

In general, when we speak of cleanrooms, it also refers to the particle-free storage area. This is important so the place can be maintained contamination-free. The internal and external environments have to be well maintained. Thus you may need to focus on selecting an ideal cleanroom storage facility. The requirements may vary for industries and pharmaceutical companies. You have to focus on meeting specific requirements.

Selecting ideal storage units for cleanrooms

There are specific needs that are important when selecting the most appropriate cabinets and storage facilities.

1. Always analyse your demands

The process of operating and setting up a cleanroom is never cost-effective. These units are never cheaper. It means you may not need to add any unit that is not functional for you. You may have to focus on available technology. Make your selection only after you have calculated the estimated cost. The room and the storage dimensions have to be worked out in advance. When making your selection of storage units, you have to consider future expansion as well.

2. List out all requirements in advance

You are planning to make a selection of the best storage facility for the cleanroom. This means that you have to be well prepared in advance. Always maintain a complete list handy with you. You need to focus on size and density. The purpose of using the storage unit will also make a difference. Different unit types will be used for storing medicines, food, and other essentials. The facility that you select should also be maintained particle-free.

3. Focus on the Cleanroom Storage

For some storage types, the proper ventilation system is a must. This is important if you may not want to maintain perfect vacuum conditions. even if the room has a proper ventilation system still this factor cannot be overlooked. This is important for areas where decomposition can be a major issue. For specific medicines, ingredients, and food items decomposition can be a crucial factor. it can lead to the development of microbes and other forms of harmful bacteria. Focusing on humidity and temperature conditions is also important. You may want to maintain consistent humidity and temperature conditions.

4. Consider easily available options

Any cleanroom may have many different components. Each component may not be available in the market in some cases the components may need to be replaced very often. If the components are not functional, then the cleanroom storage is also not much effective. Before you make your selection it is important to focus on the availability aspects. The components that may need replacement very often should always be easily available in the local market. Consider this factor when making a selection of the Cleanroom Storage unit.

5. Focus on selecting the right material

The inner and outer body material selection is important. Not all types of storage units will be made up of the same material type. Some materials are more important if the storage has to be used for storing specific ingredients and medicines. The entire storage unit has to be made out of the same material on the inner and outer sides. this is one factor that may mainly depend on the application.

6. Focus on other furniture

The entire cleanroom will be using many different types of furniture. You have to select the storage unit based on other furniture used in the same room. If all other furniture is corrosion-resistant then the storage unit also has to be corrosion resistant.

It is also important to focus on the maintenance part. The storage unit should be easy to maintain.


In general, any storage unit in the cleanroom is made up of a non-reactive type of material. it is resistant to external elements and weather conditions. These units are generally used for maintaining consistent temperature conditions. Research well before you can make your final selection.

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