How to draw Eagle Head step-by-step for beginners

Draw Eagle Head Step-by-step

Step one – Draw a top-level view of the Eagle’s Head

Start the draw eagle head with a simple outline define, essentially a silhouette with none of the smaller details.

First, draw a reasonably large beak with a hook-like tip and later add the lines to outline the highest and bottom parts of the head/neck.

Please remember that you just will and will be got too weak this define as you start adding the various components of the pinnacle. Watch my drawing tutorial on how to draw birds easily.

Step two – Draw the attention & close Shapes

Draw the attention as a circle or a light-weight oval with its prime portion gently lined by the hair. You’ll be able to project the forehead line from the world wherever the beak transitions into the pinnacle.

Afterward, you’ll be able to draw some construction lines for the feather pattern on top of and below. Please note that the particular feathers are going to be supplementary in later steps and these lines will then be erased.

Step three – Draw the “Cheek” space

From concerning the center of the form close the attention happening to concerning the tip of the beak define the feather pattern of the “cheek” space. You’ll be able to then extend the lowest of the bill to essentially merge into its bottom curve.

Step four – Draw the main points of the Bill

Draw eagle head beak details drawing

Add the smaller details of the bill within the step-by-step breakdown below.

Eagle beak step by step drawing.

Add the road that splits the highest and bottom halves.

Draw a wave-like line within the higher portion to separate it from the nose space.

Show the “lips” as a top-level view of the mouth that’s wider towards the bottom and narrower towards the tip.

Draw the road that separates it from the pinnacle.

Add the anterior naris.

Step five – Draw the main points of the attention

Draw eagle head eye details drawing

Once again you’ll be able to see a step-by-step breakdown below. This point for the attention.

Eagle eye step by step drawing

Draw the pupil as a tiny low circle or a light-weight vertical oval.

Add the highlight.

Show the attention lids as a top-level view around the main form of the eye..

Define the shaded space.

Fill within the pupil and “in the shadow” a part of the attention with black or pencil shading.

At this stage, you ought to have a reasonably abundant finished basic define drawing of the eagle’s head. Thus you’ll be able to begin darkening the lines you may keep for your final drawing by going over them with a lot of solid strokes. You’ll be able to instead use a pen or a black marker however as long as you’re assured that you just won’t create a blunder.

Step six – Darken the Lines

Eagle face define drawing

As already mentioned you’ll be able to darken the components of the drawing which will stay unchanged in its conclusion. When you end with the attention you’ll be able to additionally re-examine the definition of the bill.

Step seven – Draw the Feathers round the Eye

Eagle around eye feather drawing

To make the eagle look a lot of realistic and fewer sort of wireframes you’ll be able to currently add a number of the feather pattern beginning with the world around the eye.

You can draw eagle head most of those with simply 2 lines adding some single and features here and there to form the pattern that seems a lot random. additionally, try to draw every clump to be slightly completely different in size and to possess a touch of a random wave or curve (different directions).

You can draw the feather lines with darker strokes at once as you have already got the development lines from the previous lines to guide you. You’ll be able to then use the tip of Associate in Nursing erase to get rid of the guidelines when you’re done.

Step eight – Draw the Feathers round the “Cheek”

Eagle cheek feathers drawing

After the attention adds the feathers round the “cheek” and base of the mouth space.

The feathers below the mouth tend to be small thus you’ll be able to just about draw them to appear like fluff with terribly small lines. The feathers towards the rear of the “cheek” but ought to be abundant larger.

Step nine – Draw the Feathers Outlining the pinnacle

Eagle head feather define drawing

Outline components of the form of the pinnacle with a darker line just like the bill however additionally add some feathers clumps at random jutting in a very few places.

In particular, these ought to be a bit below the bill and at the rear of the pinnacle. You’ll be able to additionally add some small fluff within the higher part of the pinnacle simply past the bill.

Step ten – Draw the Forehead Feathers

Eagle forehead details drawing

Show a number of the feather pattern of the forehead by merely drawing many sinusoidal and wavy lines. These ought to be of varied length with somewhat random curves and waves however at a constant time ought to have constant general flow.

Step eleven – Add the Feathers round the Neck

Eagle neck feathers drawing

As draw eagle head have white feathers on their headspace you’ll be able to show this pattern by making a kind of “upside-down crown” pattern of feathers around the neck.

Randomize the scale, curve, and direction of those feathers however at constant strive draw most of those to be larger than in alternative areas of the pinnacle.

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