IP Telephony: Cost-saving Tactic for Small Businesses

As small businesses come into practice, using their capital wisely is their key concern. They plan their expenses in such a way that they are not only able to spend when it is required but also be able to save as much as possible. It is essential to note that a major portion of the budget is used by small businesses on important calls. With IP Telephony, small businesses can rightly spend on communication along with making crucial savings. This is true for all countries across the world. For a developing country like Bangladesh online, this is even more true.

Understanding How IP Telephony can Save Costs

BOL by Beximco, the company offering the best internet solutions in Bangladesh, says that voice over IP telephony makes use of the internet protocol for the purpose of calling. BOL by Beximco is known for its reliability and commitment towards the customers.  

For making calls, the packets are made by converting the communication data. The packets are then sent across using the IP network. As you can observe, telephone lines are not used. That means small businesses can save a lot of money by not having to purchase the telephone lines. In addition to that, an internet connection is used in IP telephony.

According to the numerous small business owners who are using this system, the traditional system of calling involved multiple phone lines. Since communication is essential for growing their businesses, a considerable amount had to be spent on purchasing these lines. Additionally, the maintenance of these phone lines also required a certain amount. By switching to IP telephony, these business owners have made smart use of their budget without having to spend on unnecessary expenses.

If you run a small business, then you will find it helpful to know that by using IP telephony, you can make both domestic calls and domestic long-distance calls. This system will enable you to make such calls at a cheaper cost. If you are taking any of the internet solutions, you can consider contacting BOL by Beximco.


IP telephony can benefit small businesses in numerous ways. The major benefit of this system is the ease of making calls without having to spend much. In this way, small business owners can cut their expenses spent on calling and make important savings.

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