All you need to know about the Best CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, in the last decade, has not only become a hub for education in terms of the curriculums it provides but it has some of the finest educational institutes in the world. The popular Brighton College is an example of such grandeur. The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, is progressive yet a beacon for the culture of its people. Many of the elite globally, send their children to be schooled in this city.

This I would say is owing to the quality of life the city provides. It truly teaches you how to appreciate your surroundings. It is quite common to see that parents send their children to school in Abu Dhabi post the pre-primary stage, where children start to have a basic understanding of the world. Here, parents want their children to learn and appreciate the things which come through great difficulty in life. To gain an experience like this, parents tend to enroll their children in international schools. 

International School in Abu Dhabi

The question is, which is the best school in Abu Dhabi‘? There are quite a few options and later in this post, I will make aware to you the Institutions that are worth looking into and ensure your child a bright future . Some parents have various requirements in terms of let’s say the curriculum of education the child would be studying under.

Here, I would like to inform you that Abu Dhabi mostly offers the CBSE program amongst many others. This program is quite well renowned in India as well, and a lot of parents look into the best CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi. Apart from the many internationals that come to live in the city, there are quite many Indian students in the city who have come across from the CBSE board in India. 

Here, let us discuss the overall change of a child’s behavior and individualistic characteristics. Schooling institutions as a rule of thumb has understood that times continuously grow and, to make sure future generations are safe and on the right path, individuals must evolve with it. Individuals at this tender age are going through a substantial amount of change, in a mental and physical capacity when they are going through their schooling life. Especially in terms of education for our future generations.

The reason parents take such a serious interest in their children’s education is that they wish their children to achieve genuine success in the years to come. It has been seen in years gone by that the environment one has in high school largely affects and helps one’s way of thinking. Once the child moves into secondary school, these institutions put for a safe place within which they may learn much.

Here, students are allowed to cross-examine everything and explore the range of their minds. What they learn here eventually helps them maneuver through situations in the outside world. The education the institutions provide for children later dictates if we continue to live in harmony. To a very large extent, decisions weighed in terms of right and wrong are dictated by the things observed and learned at school.

Below are recommended a few schools in the city of Abu Dhabi to look into.


The GIIS campus boasts of such top-quality infrastructure, it’s debatably one of the top schools in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi. The tremendous growth GIIS has seen in the last two decades is commendable. Not only does it boast of the emphasis given towards the shaping of young minds, but has also shown us that it includes a wholesome method and approach of education.

This franchise of institutions has through the times shown great promise and has also been award-winning in terms of not only educating children through academics but 21st-century skills that will propel them to the top of their field, and life. Global Indian International School has branches over the country and in foreign cities as well. GIIS believes not only in academically enhancing your child’s mind but encouraging an all-around development.


Having celebrated its 25th anniversary, this school was established in 1995 to not only provide the locals but also expatriates an American education. ASIA is also the first school to offer the International. Baccalaureate Diploma in the Emirates. This school offers education from kindergarten to grade 12. Owing to rules and regulations, gender separates the secondary section of school life. 


The British style of education and the education this institution offers speak volumes of the dynamic culture the city boasts. Brighton College offers its pupils an environment that encourages healthy growth and is vibrant, while the curriculum is set to pose challenges that will sharpen their minds.

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