Top Benefits Of Two-Wheeler Loans

A two-wheeler loans is a short-term unsecured personal loan, which is available for applicants with low credit scores or no documentation income. It has a short repayment period of up to five years and offers lower interest rates. The average EMI of these loans ranges from Rs. 9200 to Rs. 12300 over the duration of your tenure. This will not only help you purchase your new bike but also save up on major fuel expenses that you are spending on your car.

Remove Huge Burden

A two-wheeler is the costliest loan to take from financial institutions and NBFCs as you have to make a high down payment (usually one-third of the vehicle’s cost) and you require an income proof document. You stand a higher chance of getting a small interest rate on this type of loan than any other car loan.

A good credit score can help you get a low finance interest rate and may even affect your car/house insurance premium, while a bad credit score may push down your career prospects. The Credit Score instantly shows pointwise your credit profile in percentage, and it is completely free. Simply visit our website and select a range of loan accounts to check for and the list of accounts will be created within seconds


The CIBIL Score can be easily obtained online with the click of a mouse and is often the deciding factor in enabling your loan to be processed. CIBIL enables all individuals who have had any kind of connection with credit, even negative dues, to have their score analyzed and a report produced at zero rupees.

Attractive Interest Rates

Two wheeler loans interest rates differ from bank to bank. Moreover, the interest rate also differs based on various factors such as your time of employment, income range, bike specifications, etc. Banks and Non-banking financial companies (NFBCs) these days are providing two wheeler loans at very feasible interest rates, rates which have gone down in the past few years.

Muthoot Capital offers simple and convenient bike loan facilities where you can get attractive interest rates as low as 8.9%. This bike loan offers purchasing a premium bike as easy as 1-2-3. The application process is completely online and does not require much paperwork. This easy going financing option from Muthoot Capital helps you do away with the hassles of applying for different loan types to fulfill various requirements such as proof of income, proof of address and more. So, if you wish to splurge some extra bucks purchasing a premium bike from Muthoot Capital is simply your best bet!

Income Range

When you take up a personal loan for a two-wheeler, the fact that the bike will be so affordable is an added advantage. Most banks and NBFCs give you a loan at approximately 5 percent interest per annum. This is a good deal if you intend to repay it within the time limit provided by the lending agency.

Flexible Process

With the introduction of faster, more flexible processes for sanctioning loans such as two-wheeler finance the time needed for loan sanction was brought down to within a day. With loans sanctioned in this way, customers can get their two-wheeler the same day as loan conditions are met.

Muthoot Capital offers pre-approved 2 wheeler loan with a longer tenure of up to 60 months, and one of the most flexible processes for loan approvals. It was established in 1939 with the objective of becoming the preferred financier across all segments of the Indian Financial market. This was achieved within a short span of time and the company today enjoys a leadership position in its chosen market segments. The Muthoot Capital Group has an extensive presence in India having businesses spread over 14 States and Rs. 1,500 crore loan book which is growing at 30%. Muthoot Capital has a customer base of 200000 customers registered.

To cut all the confusion comes the Affordable Cycles Loan Scheme for Banks & NFBCs. This scheme was introduced to provide affordable credit to those who need a helping hand towards buying their first bicycle. Moreover, given the loan tenure of 1 year, you won’t have to repay your loan back before you watch your dream bike roll onto your doorsteps. Now, go ahead and ride away happily! Get Muthoot’s share price, historical charts, volume, market capitalization, market performance, reports, and other company details.

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