Asia’s Top International IB Schools – Dubai Edition

If you are a parent who is looking for a school for your child, especially searching for the good international schools in dubai, and won’t settle for anything else but the best, then you should know that the list of good schools is growing in the nation like never before. In the latest report submitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority or what is commonly called the KHDA of Dubai for the year 2019 and 2020, the schools which have got the ratings of “Outstanding” remained at the number 17 while there are 38 schools which can be labelled as “Very Good” which is a considerable increase of 7 from the year 2018 to 2019.

KHDA reported that in the year of 2020 for the month of January, there were more than 295,148 students who were studying in all over Dubai in the private schools.

It was a whopping 2.1 person enrollment growth in comparison to that which was reported in the year previous to this.

UAE boasts of extraordinary broad spectrum of resident’s nationality, while they have students coming from more than 173 countries, that according to the recent studies revealed to be approximately:

• 98,527 Indian

• 34,452 UAE nationals

• 22,668 Pakistanis

• 17,238 Egyptians

• 13,594 students from the UK.

There are around 79,000 students who follow the Indian curriculum in Indian schools in Dubai which have seen a flat growth in the past 5 years while only 49,000 students who study in  the schools that follow the US curriculum, in which approximately 1% growth has been seen in the past 5 years. The IB curriculum schools in Dubai are attended by about 80,000 students, which is a curriculum which has seen a whopping 5.7% growth in the past 5 years, from 2015-16.

On the other hand French curriculum schools are also showing a strong and steady growth in the past 5 years where 5% of students intake has increased and now the number stands at about 6500 students.

The Education Regulator of Emirates had reported in the year of January 2020, revealing data about the total students attending the quality of schools in the nation.

Out of 29 5148 students of Dubai, there are :

• 25,830 students which is 8.75% of the total population, attended Outstanding schools,

• 58,119 which is 19.7% of the total population, attended Very Good schools

• 113,691 which is 38.5% of the total student population, attended schools deemed to be Good.

These numbers of schools, including the rising number of ib schools Dubai, are definitely a matter of much respite to the parents, both the existing residents and the ones who are moving into the nation, because they now have a lot of options for their little ones.

Dubai School Inspection Bureau of KHDA – The Effects of Their Annual Visitations 

However, having a large number of schools in a nation doesn’t necessarily mean that there is high quality in all of them. Most of the schools do maintain a standard of quality because the Dubai School Inspection Bureau of KHDA has designated internationally qualified school inspectors who almost once in every year visit these private schools of Dubai so that they can understand what kind of quality is being maintained in these seats of education.

Even though most schools boast of a good quality of education in Dubai, it is safe to say that only one school which is the Global Indian International School excels in all the parameters set by this inspection Bureau and every year they come out with flying colours in these reports.

Some of the parameters that the Global Indian International School, one of the best international schools in dubai follows are:

• The attainment and progress of the student in the key subject. Every year GIIS makes a proper report on how good their students are getting with the key subject focuses which are : 




• How well the student is developing in the personal as well as the social front?

• They ensure that the teaching, assessment methods as well as the learning methods are upgraded and developed each year so that a student’s growth is properly analysed through an up to date methodology

• It also ensures that the curriculum that they have designed meets the educational requirements of all the students and that is the innovative approach that they have towards academique pedagogue that is suitable for all the children of the school

• GIIS ensures that they have a team of staff and teachers who are well equipped to protect and support each student’s needs, be that academic, psychological or even emotional.

• The Global Indian International School ensures that the leadership as well as the management of the school is of highest standards and is comparable only to the best of the world.

• Regular assessments are made about how well the school performs overall in the boards and in the other national and international events it participates in respect of co curricular and extracurricular activities

The Happiness Index of the Global Indian International School

All the students are fostered in GIIS in an educational environment that is thriving, in which the main focus is the happiness of all the children who come to study here. The school understands that academics is the forefront of the education system of Dubai but they also offer exceptional opportunities to their students in order to bring forth wellness in their physical as well as mental self. 

The Global Indian International School has crafted its programs to make sure that all its students have a fun filled time while they are staying in the school and they have a unique way of measuring how happy the children are through the happiness index. These kinds of stringent measures are extremely rare in even the top ib schools Dubai. 

Academic Outcomes of the Global Indian International School

This school is undoubtedly the best Indian International School in the nation which is specifically created to cater to all the high standards of education of the primary schooling, secondary schooling and high schooling of Dubai. Along with the CBSE curriculum, GIIS also boasts of a unique, professional pedagogy, through which every student is empowered. 

Value Based Education Provided Along with Subjects

The Global Indian International School makes sure that the knowledge that the child attains is enhanced by the application of the principles as well as values, along with the formal training in regular subjects.

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