Kindergarten Schools in Singapore – What is an Ideal Kindergarten in Singapore like?

Singapore is one diverse country in the perspective of today. Even though it is a small country, it is deeply variegated with families across multiple backgrounds and ethnicities. This automatically has increased the need for primary schools and high schools across districts. The families present in the island need multiple options when it comes to the first ever group learning experience for their children. Thus, this has established a concentration of schools all the way from the residential hubs of Jurong in the east to the beautiful Punggol in the west.

When I first moved to Singapore last year, my daughter had just turned 2 years old and I already made up my mind to get her admitted into the best possible primary school in Singapore. This made me ask around at my workplace and I realised that there were others too who had recently admitted their children in Kindergarten schools. The issue was that due to the Covid outbreak, most kindergartens were closed and even if they were open, they were offering limited services which were not up to the mark. 

However, the school that my colleagues had chosen was Global Indian International School which had a proper online school. Now, delving deep into GIIS (Global Indian International School) will tell you that its branches are spread across  Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore and the UAE as well. GIIS is quite renowned in India as well for its presence across multiple cities and modern techniques of education.

So what makes GIIS an ideal kindergarten?

Due to the pandemic, I was unable to visit the campus physically, but their website was quite updated with a virtual tour made using the actual pictures and videos so that the parents get  a clear idea about the facilities. The campus at Punggol in particular is quite appropriately equipped for the ideal global experience. The architectural style is quite modern and is shaped in the form of a nest to take the idea of a ‘nest of learning’ to another level.

As an ideal kindergarten school in Singapore, they have a smart ventilation system and a positioning of the kindergarten section in such a way that it is mostly flooded with natural sunlight and breeze. This becomes important especially for young and growing children as they spend most of their time indoors. 

After entering the preschool area, the first thing one would notice is that it doesn’t just have classrooms but there are also dedicated Montessori Labs, a kindergarten play area using child-friendly materials and even a dedicated music room for kindergarten kids. All these features are not that common across the entire island in other schools.

A Unique Curriculum

It is quite worth it if you pay attention to the curriculum used by them and their Global Montessori Plus programme  beautifully binds the philosophies of the legendary Maria Montessori along with modern teaching methodologies . So how exactly is the GMP programme great in its own right? 

They live by 5 main pillars-

– ‘Excelerate’ Programme 

Offers students ease in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, by imparting mathematical skills in a fun and interesting manner. Alongside this, it pushes students to accelerate learning through excellence.

Multi-faceted Learning 

Nurtures the students’ ingrained personalities as well as helping their intellectual capacities grow steadily through a Thematic Learning process.

iPlay Programme 

Encourages students to gather and absorb  information and assimilate it which in turn builds in them the skills of self-reliance, cooperation and management.

iCare Programme 

Teaches students the humanitarian values of honesty, kindness, understanding and giving. They also have a Mahatma Gandhi Centre for universal values which symbolises their dedication towards moral science

Future Ready Programme 

Features a dynamic and real-time approach to understanding Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) developing in them a fire for the subjects through active participation, thereby encouraging their creativity and sharpening their mental capabilities of smart thinking.

How does their online education system work?

The online school is operated through paid online technology, which guarantees high end safety, giving students access to a virtual learning classroom that is controlled by a technologically sound teacher. Each student here works on their school-given devices that are also accessible by the teacher, who also has complete control over the content and the usage of the device in order to make sure there is maximum focus during online class hours. So you see, students do not get a place under the desk to do something else!.

‍Interactive sessions are held that allow students to participate immersively, by listening as well as speaking virtually in class. Teachers also use Smart devices such as whiteboards to write on, which are visible on the devices to students. This method ensures there is 1:1 attention to every student. These activities are also recorded and may be used in the future for revision reasons. For instance, Google Classrooms are used for project work and revision of notes.

So you see, Kindergarten in Singapore is a different idea altogether with a lot of potential.

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