All you need to know about the best Secondary School in Abu Dhabi

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”, Einstein once rightly quoted, for it is more important for a child to understand concepts and make his/her education a part of his/her life than just rote learning lessons which will never let a child’s mind grow. The first step towards providing your child with such education is choosing the right school that boosts the overall development of your child- mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Abu Dhabi is one such culturally diverse and educationally well-resourced country where you can find many schools that impart the best education especially during the crucial phase of secondary schooling, when a child is undergoing a very transformative age both, psychologically and physically. No doubt Abu Dhabi is home to many top local and international institutes but one gem of a school is The Global Indian Institute School, Abu Dhabi.


Accoladed with various awards of excellence, GIIS’s aim is to build and nurture a conducive, learning, and balanced environment for the students so that they are able to utilize and reach the maximum of their potential. GIIS offers every school level to its students- kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school.

The most well-designed curriculum is for the secondary school level at GIIS. GIIS’ secondary school is more than the sum of its parts. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, assessments, value-added programs, events, and many other activities that enable students to grow into all-around individuals during the life-changing phase of a higher secondary school. The secondary school also provides 21st-century skills preparing the students for their journey towards university by focusing on the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, personal, and overall holistic development of 11-14-year-olds.

Secondary school in Abu Dhabi

For secondary school, they follow only the CBSE program which is a respected and rigorous curriculum, designed to challenge and invigorate students’ growth to help them reach the epitome of their achievement. Being one of the most reputed schools in Abu Dhabi for the CBSE curriculum, they strive to improve themselves in terms of academics as well as other fields.

Technology has aided in imparting knowledge in an easy, and effective way. With the help of technology, students are given a large canvas to paint their own story of education and knowledge while instilling a good amount of morality and ethics so that they give back to society meaningfully.

At GIIS, students are provided with academic add-ons to brush up on their concepts. Such programs give additional boosts to a student’s learning curve through targeted studies, helping them focus on additional areas and concepts at no extra cost, making them the best secondary school in Abu Dhabi for educational excellence.

‍Global Indian International School (GIIS) takes into account a unique way of education that focuses on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative citizens of tomorrow instead of just mugging up a rigid structure. Every student gets STEM kits i.e science, technology, engineering, and maths- from school.

It consists of 8 experiments that students use during the academic year. These experiments are designed as per the concepts taught during the year to let them understand the real-life use of these concepts. For example, they make students use online tools like HeyMath! to hone their mathematical skills and conduct detailed assessments through which the teachers understand every child’s strengths and weaknesses in subjects.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) help in honing inherent skills in students that help to balance the learning environment in the school and allow students to excel at anything and enter the world as global citizens. A course enrichment activity is also conducted in class after each concept (like quizzes, group projects, or short tests) to clear students’ doubts. Such performance excellence in ECA, as well as academics, make them one of the most famous secondary schools in Abu Dhabi.

The pressure of academics is well-balanced by proper exposure to sports through co-curricular activities, physical education, and a cricket Academy which is one of the best in Abu Dhabi.

One of the highlights of joining GIIS is its Bridge Programme. It is an important feature that allows the students of their private secondary school to start during the school term and receive the help they need to catch up with their peers. They make sure that your child is learning with his/her classmates as quickly as possible.

Their secondary school fees have been made accessible with scholarship awards. They have designed the fee structure in a way that is affordable for most parents while giving them the maximum value for their money.

The transdisciplinary style of teaching gives students a beneficial opportunity to use their knowledge, principles, and values to more than one academic subject simultaneously. The multicultural environment at an international community school like GIIS helps students develop a strong passion for learning and deep cultural awareness. Thereby, grooming your child holistically to face the world with confidence.

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