How to do restore antique furniture

When you get anything as a family heirloom, it is something special. Is it a piece of furniture? Then, you need to take care of it properly. Usually, the old furniture is of wood, and with time, wooden furniture loses its luster, color, and often pest infestation damages those from inside. But, if you take care of those at the right time, you may not replace those priceless emotions with anything. 

Indeed, restoring old furniture is not an easy job, but it is not that much complicated that you think. What you need to do is to find the right tool and contractor and also be sure about your safety if you are doing it alone. Today, we are sharing essential tips on restoring antique furniture. Read on to know more-

Make Sure You Have Enough Time for the Project

Yes, this is very important to figure out when you are taking up any such project. If you can manage time for your daily duties, then only you should go for it. Actually, the work may seem easy and quick at the beginning, but depending on your speed and skill, it can be time-consuming. There may be lots of things to do, like removing rust, deep carvings, sharpening the ends, etc. It may take several weekends. So, be sure you are ready for this.

Think of Your Safety

Once you have taken up the project, the next thing you need to think about is your safety. While restoring old furniture, you may need to work with chemicals and tools that are harmful to your body. So, you should take proper precautions. Always use the proper tools, wear protective gear like a mask, long gloves, eyewear, etc., to protect yourself. Try to work in a well-ventilated area, specifically; the outdoor, so that the noxious smell of the chemicals won’t make you ill.

Identify the Finish of the Old Furniture

Are you dealing with wooden furniture? Then the first thing is to do is identifying the present finish of the furniture. Usually, the old furniture had natural finishes like lacquer, varnish, or shellac. It is difficult to identify these just by watching, and you may need professional help. Still, we are here to Help You . Use denatured alcohol to a part of the furniture. If the finish comes off, it is shellac. If not, then use lacquer thinner. If the finish is of lacquer, it will be removed. If both the elements don’t work on the finish, it is varnish. If the piece of furniture has pigmented finishes like enamel or paint, you can identify those easily. Finishes like wax, oil, etc., will be faded with time.

Fix Your Budget

This is the next step you need to take while restoring old furniture. You need to make sure whether the cost of the fixation worth it. If the piece of furniture is not that important to you and it requires too much to spend for restoring, you can skip the idea. But, if it is an antique and you want to restore it, know the budget you need for the process.

Clean the Furniture

This is a quick trick you can follow while restoring antique furniture. Sometimes, it is the dust and grime that ruin the luster of the furniture, and it looks dull. You can use any oil-based wood cleaner to scrub off the stubborn dirt from the furniture, and you can get the look back. If that is not enough, you can also use the solution of liquid detergent and warm water. Soak a soft cloth in it, rinse well, and rub off the surface of the furniture. Make sure that the wooden furniture won’t get wet for too long. Use a dry cloth to wipe off the piece of furniture after cleaning.

So, these are some important tips to restore your old furniture. Follow these and enjoy using the antique pieces.

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