Some Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Artist Friend

When you prepare a gift for your artist friend, you get worried about what to give? You may want them to have something, which will appeal to their artistic mind and aesthetic taste. Don’t worry. Preparing a gift for your artist friend is pretty easy. All you need to do is consider their medium of work while choosing a gift. If you do not know what to give an artist to make them happy and smile ear to ear, here are a few ideas for you. Your friend can find your care and respect for their work through your gifts. You may follow these ideas while choosing one:

1.      Handy Sketchbook set

You may have noticed that your artist friend loves to make sketches here and there. Even the waste papers, grocery bills get filled with their sketches, which may be their initial archetype for future work. You can give them a set of handy sketchbooks that they can carry in their pockets. It will help them to start with their work anywhere when they find inspiration for it.

2.      Artbooks

Art and painting are not always about aesthetic and artistic perspectives. Artists learn from their fellow artists apart from nature, and this learning process continues throughout life. Hence, an artist treasures any art-related book. These books may have theoretical ideas related to an art or artist’s perception of art and their pattern of colors or paintings. You can gift them artbooks without any worry and stay assured that they will love them.

3.      Leather pencil/ brush set

If you have ideas about your artist friend’s work pattern or their work medium, you can opt for this gift. If they use brushes, then nothing can be better than a high-quality paintbrush set. You can also choose a pencil or pastel color set if they use this medium other than acrylic and watercolor. You can also use leather brush cases or wooden color boxes, which can be the perfect aesthetic gift for your artistic friend.

4.      Easel

You can gift easels or stylish tripods, which are perfect for your artistic friend. The wooden easels are widely used by painters while they work on their canvas.

The easels are also used as decorative pieces. They can also use tripods for keeping their artworks. If you offer them easels or tripods, they can give their studio a classy look and can fulfill their dream of having a classy studio. 

5.      Paintings

Paintings are the best gift for your artist friend. They can understand the value of your present, and hence nothing can be better than a painting. Canvas Wall Paintings come in different themes and color schemes. Thus, you will get ample options from where you can choose. You can select monochromatic or abstract paintings. You may also get mesmerized by a nightscape of life paintings which can give their home or studio a lovely aura. The religious paintings are also gaining popularity with time. You can select Buddha paintings, Ganesha, or Islamic wall paintings, which can be a grand gift for your artist friend.

6.      Art- archive subscription

If you are looking for some out-of-the-box gift ideas, then an art-archive subscription can be the one. If your friend sells their paintings, then this subscription can help them to track their sales record. They can prepare a show for the buyers who can select from the archive before ordering one. They can have information about galleries, shows, contacts with just a single click. You can also give them a website for managing their artwork. However, this gift may take some time and a lot of effort.

7.      Artist apron

If your artist friend works in the studio, you may have noticed color stains on their dresses. They probably feel happy and proud about those color marks because the creation is precious to them. However, they may also feel disappointed when their favorite light-colored outfit gets a stain. They cannot use them anymore. You can give them an artist apron with pockets to keep their brushes and significant equipment. You can look for one, which has zipped pockets for keeping mobile phones and has a material which is not heavy for them.

Conclusion and Final Takeaways

These were a few gift ideas which you may consider while giving something to your artistic friend. However, nobody knows your friend better than you. You can take the liberty and use your creative ideas while presenting a gift to your artistic friend.

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