How to write an essay on Business: A Student Should Know.

Are you searching about How to write an essay on business? If yes, Your search is over. Well, numerous scholars do not know how to compose a business essay. So, Don’t Worry! You are not alone. 

In this blog, I’ll mention specific guidelines that will help you write an accurate business essay. 

Either you are writing an essay on finance, marketing, management, or any business topic, this blog will surely benefit you. 

The essential factor of writing a business essay is that it should give relevant content. Moreover, the arguments should be supported by accurate references and examples. Other critical factors include presentation, layout, and the use of formal language. 

So, let’s start discussing How to write an Essay On Business.

  1. Analyse the question of the given essay.

Understand and explore what the topic of the essay is asking you. Keywords that regularly arise in the business essay question are: discuss, explain, compare, describe, review, examine, illustrate, etc.

Generally, there are two main essay types that you may face in business courses. 

  • You may ask to write an essay on a business or situation, commonly known as Case Study.
  • You may request to complete a discussion-type essay.

2. Make an Outline Strategy for your Business Essay

Forming an outline plan for your essay helps you in organizing ideas. Note down the chief points that you will mention in your introduction, main body, and conclusion. This creates a logical sequence for you when you start writing an essay. 

3. Writing the Business essay

(a) Case Study Type of Essay

  • Introduction: Give an introduction to the topic, what you are going to explain in it. And how you are going to address your case. You should mention the objectives of the essay. Like the scope of your essay, precisely what you are talking about, and be sure to mention the case study. You can also add a definition of your business topic for the understanding of the reader. 
  • Background: Provide background information on the business/situation you are going to discuss.
  • Main Body and Discussion: Based on your research, write your essay with detailed analysis. Be sure that you examine the different views from different writers to provide an intelligent debate. Make sure your argument is linked with the organization or situation you are writing about. 
  • Conclusion: You should conclude by giving logical reasoning and a summary of the points you mentioned in the main body of your essay. You can also give your opinion in conclusion. Ensure that you answer the questions you posed in the introduction as fully as possible. In this final section, you have an opportunity to express any advice, if required. No new argument should be mentioned here. 
  • List of References: List all references you use in your essay in alphabetical order. And include the bibliography if you used footnotes on each page.

(b) A Discussion Type Essay

  • Introduction: Outline your understanding of the essay topic. Give a brief introduction to the objectives of the essay, like what you’re going to tell in your essay, the scope of your essay, etc. You should also comment on how you are going to discuss your topic. You can also add the definition of the business term you are mentioning.
  • Main body and Discussion: The sources you have collected give a detailed report of your topic. Be sure that you have examined the opinion of different authors to provide a rational debate. 
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, you should deliver a valid reason and a short description of the main body. State your opinion as a final result. Be sure to give all the answers to the questions you have mentioned in the introduction. No new arguments should be mentioned. 
  • List of References: You have to list all references you have stated in your essay alphabetically. And also bibliography, if you have used footnotes.

How to edit and proofread your business essay?

This is an important question, and you must know the basic points of proofreading your business essay.

Firstly, please print out a copy of the draft and read it. Use a checklist to help you check your grammatical mistakes, weak arguments, and areas of improvement. An example of a checklist that could include the following questions:

  • Have you answered the essay question properly?
  • Is your material presented in the logical order?
  • Is your content relevant or accurate?
  • Have you established your main points with arguments and examples?
  • Have you referenced all the sources?
  • Is the language correct or understandable?
  • Are the spelling and punctuations acceptable?

Modify the parts of the essay that you are not happy with. Correct the punctuation and spelling errors, if any. Proceed to correct and edit your essay until you feel satisfied. The essay is then complete.


I hope you understand how to write an essay on business. Many students are not aware of writing an essay on business. I have introduced the specific guidelines that are necessary to know in writing any business essay. All you should do is follow the specific guidelines, present relevant content, and proofread it. Assure that you fulfill the requirement of the question in the checklist I have mentioned above. 

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