Sectional Doors: There are different models of industrial blinds. Among the designs and dimensions in greatest demand we will find:

Overhead doors

These types of doors are usually made of stainless steel or solid wood, quite practical for garages, with very resistant results. Its design can be one or two sheets.

In general, overhead doors work with lift arms that are installed on the sides or on the top.

In some cases, the doors can be opened or closed via a joystick or an app for mobile devices.

Although their mechanism is automatic, overhead doors offer the alternative of manual unlocking in the event of an emergency. Something that provides greater control and security to all types of companies or businesses.

Large sliding doors

Sliding doors are identified by their horizontal movement. They are very useful to save space, since they do not take up much space and are hidden when opened. They are chosen mainly for industrial garages.

Sliding doors with automation facilitate their opening and closing, something that is advantageous compared to conventional opening doors. In addition, due to their size and weight, they avoid possible physical damage caused by having to open them so many times.

These doors isolate the cold and heat from the outside, offering greater comfort for users.

Sectional doors

These door models are easy to identify by their type of structure. They are made up of a set of panels, which open completely vertically or horizontally.

Depending on the needs of the industry, you will find different types: smooth, ribbed, single-channel, quadruple, with built-in pedestrian or with special maneuvers, among others. In addition, you can choose between different colors.

One of the benefits of sectional doors is that they adapt to each type of construction. You can create a modern, rustic, country style or a more minimalist style. These doors provide a neater, sleeker aesthetic.

On the other hand, the vertical or horizontal opening system allows a better use of space.

Another advantage of this type of door is the simple maintenance. All it requires is to keep the rails lubricated for proper operation and keep the controls with recharged batteries in the case of being automatic.

There is also the possibility of being operated manually or through a motorized system.

High speed PVC canvas doors

PVC doors are manufactured using a solid self-supporting structure that can be in a galvanized finish or another preferred by the client. The steel shaft is supported by bearings for durability, reduced wear and noise.

In turn, they have a rubber profile on the edges of the guides and a protective brush for the canvas on the side guides.

The canvas material is polyester, resistant and hardly flammable in case of fire. Its horizontal reinforcements provide greater resistance to pressure and strong winds in case of mounting outdoors.

Due to their characteristics, these doors are ideal for food companies.

Depending on the type of installation and assembly, there are three models of canvas doors: roll-up, stackable and cleanroom.


Among the different benefits that we can find in this type of doors, the following stand out:

The mechanism. The opening and closing speed optimize the production process.

Safety. The components and the system of this type of doors guarantee the integrity of the employees.

Isolation and sectorization. Sectional doors allow spaces to be divided into zones with different temperatures. In other words, they offer adequate insulation for each case.

Protection. Industrial doors protect facilities from possible damage caused by meteorological phenomena, entry of dirt, insects, etc.

Its exterior and interior use. The doors are designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors. In turn, it offers a wide variety of available dimensions.

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