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Car owners in and around Panama are often surprised when they approach their vehicle and see paint dust on it. Paint dust is a serious problem during construction work and associated paint spraying. The wind can easily blow excess paint several meters away. This colorful mist just floats in the air and clings to anything in sight, including your car or truck. Often times this industrial grade paint will stick to any part of your vehicle. Under the warm Panamanian sun, the painting quickly spreads to the surface.

Define and find out what it is.

Some car owners can immediately notice paint dust on a car if it falls on a dark surface. For lighter colored cars, you may need to focus on glass, rims, or trim. If you find small spots on these darker surfaces, run your hand over the painted surfaces and look for small bumps or particles. If it doesn’t feel smooth, isn’t sticky, and generally the same particle size, you probably have paint dust on your car.

Although paint dust on the surface of your car is very unsightly, repainting is not necessary to restore it. There are commercial services with experienced professionals who have performed paint dust removal on hundreds of vehicles.

Services to remove paint dust from your car

Car Care Performance in Panama offers a professional and comprehensive service to remove paint adhered to any vehicle. The cleaning products we use are designed to safely remove paint splatters and other materials from your vehicle that may have adhered to the surface. Our meticulous step-by-step process ensures that all areas of your vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and that your paint is repaired and protected. Let’s learn more about our important and important process.


No matter how long paint dust has been on your car, we can remove it. First, we remove dirt and other unpainted particles that have stained the surface of the car. We use an environmentally friendly process and equipment to perform jobs that exceed your expectations. We will use a steam engine for your entire vehicle. This is not only the most environmentally friendly use for cleaning a car, but also the most efficient. This allows us to pay attention to every inch of your vehicle, with special attention to detail.

We fill your entire car with foam. This is a process in which dirt is absorbed into the foam and then washed off. Our high-quality foam has the ideal foam / lubricant ratio for removing dirt. Our industrial grade foam guns apply just the right amount of foam to every inch of your car or truck. The hand-applied foam will cover all areas, including cracks and hard-to-reach areas.

 We then use a steam rinse that removes suds and grime safely and evenly. Our steam is pressurized up to 235 psi and effectively cleans all surfaces of dirt and other particles that could damage the finish.

 Clay to remove paint

Clay is the material used and it is the first step to touch up the paint. Clay should not be confused with car wax. We use a block of clay to clean the surface. The clay further cleans the surface by removing excess spray and other micropollutants that have stuck to your vehicle. There are different types of clay. For this, we use high-quality clay with commercial lubrication.

Our team has successfully completed this process on hundreds of vehicles. They know exactly how much pressure and hand movements are needed to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our experience has shown that paint powder is one of the hardest and most resistant materials to adhere to the surface of a vehicle. There are hundreds or thousands of individual or coagulated particles. Knowing this, our team tries to pay special attention to each area. Technically, we use the correct amount of clay to remove the overspray piece by piece.

We then use a microfiber cloth to remove the clay along with the particles attached to it. If done correctly by a professional, your car’s original finish will not be damaged and the paint correction process is almost complete.

 To finish:

We use a professional orbital polisher and work on its entire exterior. This polishing process will remove any small blemishes and curls that may be on the body. We keep our cushion pads clean and fresh at all times. At this stage, you can see the results before and after.

 After finishing polishing, we will steam clean the entire exterior surface. This will remove any remaining polishing paste. We vaporize wheels, rims, wheel arches, glass, bumpers, nameplates, grille, tailgate, and other often overlooked parts where small dirt particles can accumulate and damage your vehicle. After thoroughly inspecting and cleaning all necessary areas with a microfiber cloth, your vehicle will be free of harmful particles.

Protect your car for the future

Some people believe that car wax is the best protection solution. While wax may have some short-term value, there are more effective and efficient options. Ceramic coating is a very durable and extremely protective solution to protect the finish of your vehicle.

Ceramic coating provides maximum protection. You can protect your car finish from splashes and other contamination in the future with this professional app. Car Care Performance in Panama has a Kevlar finish and can be easily applied to any vehicle.

 The following is a list of various benefits of Kevlar ceramic coating, in addition to splash resistance:

• Provides a protective barrier against many external contaminants, including dust, dirt, road chemicals, and sour bird droppings.

• Natural elements can also damage the finish and make it appear dull. The intense ultraviolet rays of the Panama sun can dull and weaken a car’s finish. The paint will rust. Kevlar coating can protect your vehicle.

• Rain contains minerals. When raindrops bake on the trim of your vehicle, they leave visible rings of small particles that can cause micro-scratches on the trim. If the Kevlar coating is present, you have nothing to worry about.

• You get scratch protection. Nothing will protect your finish 100%, but you can minimize damage from chips and other minor road hazards thrown at your vehicle.

More information on Detail King

Detail King can protect any part of your vehicle. In addition to paint, protect trim, glass, bumper and more. Kevlar is such an effective product that it can also protect the interior of the car. If you are interested in protecting your dashboard, seats, cargo area, and interior components of your vehicle, we can do that too.

Keep your car in fair condition

By taking care of the Detail King protective Car coating and eliminating hazards that may be associated with your vehicle, such as spray paint, your vehicle will look like new. Not only will you feel great and proud of your vehicle with your family and friends, but you will also be able to maximize the resale value of your vehicle or truck. We have the team, the solutions and the professional people to do jobs of any size. We offer services on site and at home. Whichever is most convenient, you get the same quality of work with a 100% clean and protected vehicle. Contact us today.