6 Unknown Facts You Must Learn Regarding Carpet Cleaning

While placing full carpeting your home, you might have been aware of the necessity of keeping it clean. Carpeting requires proper maintenance like tile and hardwood flooring. This means, you have to vacuum it on a daily basis just to remove the debris and dirt from the surface.

When you spot any random stubborn stain you have treat it using commercial stain treatment product. Occasionally, you have to opt for professional carpet cleaning services too. But carpet cleaning is farther beyond your imagination and so we are here with this blog to let you know important and unknown 6 facts of carpet cleaning expectations.   

6 secret facts of carpet cleaning  

While you are going to clean the carpet professionally or have done it already, numerous questions can strike your mind. 6 significant things you must know about its aftermath are mentioned here.  

  1. Pre-vacuuming

An extensive carpet pre-vacuuming should be done before actual carpet treatment. By this way, contaminants like pollen, pet dander or hair and dirt will not be able to convert into super-mud which can get into the carpet’s base at the time of cleaning. In case, you professional cleaner won’t start with loose vacuuming then there may be something fishy which you should enquire about.

  1. Not every cleaning method is equally efficient

Most carpet cleaning companies make use of manually-run carpet shampooing machine. In this contrast, you can look further usingcarpet cleaning companies near me in London’ online for the one which uses truck-mounted machinery. It reaches beyond the function of any basic carpet shampooing machinery.

Moreover, it never leaves a gallon of residue behind which causes delaying in the drying period. The effluence will be vacuumed up and deposited on the disposal tank of the truck. 

  1. Stain removal procedure

Stain must be removed at the time of professional carpet cleaning process. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machinery goes deep down into the pile’s base sucking up the most stubborn stain which is there on the carpet. You must be aware that certain stains are non-reactable to any kind of steam cleaning or chemical stain treating solution. Although they are rare yet they sometimes emerge on your favourite carpet.   

  1. Treat the strange odour

Right after professional cleaning of the carpet, it starts emitting a strange smell much similar to many wet dogs. Sometimes, they are afraid of this new home normal thing. But the fact is, after wool becomes wet it starts releasing different gases which in turn make the odour strange.

On complete drying of the carpet the smell gets dissipate on its own. Remember, if the carpet lacks from wool fibres then there will be no issue of wet dogs smell in your home. 

  1. Stain protection must be functioning

Most carpet manufacturers make use of stain protecting chemicals on the carpets. Homeowners also remain in wonder if professional carpet cleaning can remove all the stain including grime and dirt. But it never does so. Stain protection can’t be efficient over the flat surface and soon it will come to the surface unscathed. Normal traffic makes more damage on stain protection over steam cleaning or carpet shampooing.

  1. Groom the carpet

Most carpet cleaning companies use basic shampooing machine to provide carpet cleaning service and groom it. Normal machines leave so much of residue and moisture that grooming becomes essential.

It separates the fibre from one another allowing it to dry up fast. Even it will make assure that pile gets aligned in similar direction. Non-grooming carpet becomes matted and piles become flat extending the drying period too. As a result such carpet becomes prone to mould infestation. 

Reasons to steam clean the carpet

Truck-mounted machinery for steam cleaning the carpet brings numerous benefits of carpet cleaning which are impossible to attain by simple cleaning touch.

  • Elimination of dust mites

Microscopic parasites like dust mites survive by feeding on the dead skin cells. Also they shed their own dead skin cells which become the main culprit of different respiratory problems and allergic reactions. With steam cleaning for your carpet you will be able to keep the dust mite at bay.  

  • Removal of bacteria and mould

Moulds can be regarded as opportunistic microbes which float in air to fetch out a moist place to breed. In that context, damp carpet can be their favourite hotspot to survive as they can go deep into the pile without the worry of being discovered.

Moreover, soon they start arising all sorts of respiratory issues and in many cases it turns out to be fatal as well. Penetrative and professional steam cleaning will ensure the complete eradication of the harmful bacteria and moulds from your carpet.  

  • Uplifts the value of your home

As much healthier and cleaner your home will be the greater will be its value in the market if you even consider it to sell. Certain carpet cleaning companies offer deep clean at much attractive prices in the market for you to choose from. 

Every homeowner must aware of the gamut of carpet cleaning aspects. Hire the pros of a reliable carpet cleaning company to get your carpet cleaned professionally and know about advantages of carpet steam cleaning.

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