All you need to know about international credit card

Are you planning to travel overseas on a business trip or a holiday? An international credit card is just the right travel companion for you. An international credit card is valid in foreign countries and gives you the right financial freedom in a destination where you are not able to use your debit card. All international travelers carry local currency but it may not be sufficient for all transactions.

Apart from emergency spending, there are other areas where you may need to spend. Let us know more about an international credit card and how it can help you overseas. Plus we will also share insights on how to choose the best credit card.

In short, we can say that an international credit card allows you to conduct transactions with merchants across the world. The Internet has closely connected the global community. As a result international travel has become more frequent. Thus, the need and demand for international credit cards is very high in the market. Today, almost all major credit card providers issue international credit cards to their customers. 

Advantages of International Credit Card

  • Dual validity – An international credit card can be used in your country or a foreign country. An international credit card can be used with any merchant across the country. During your foreign stay, the same card can be used for transactions.
  • Powerful offshore processing in real time – The ability to process offshore transactions within seconds gives you an added advantage. This advantage is highly applicable when the traveler is making business transactions. Seamless international transactions allow businesses to grow faster. It also helps you in building better business relationships with your clients and stakeholders.
  • Enhanced multi currency transactions – The international credit card processors enable multi currency transactions with real time settlements. It gives you additional confidence and convenience to make overseas purchases. 
  • Strong relationship with banks – The international credit cards ensure strong relationships with banks especially in Europe, UK, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 
  • Bespoke solutions and tailored customer service – The international credit card issuers have several benefits for the users. During international transactions, you can accrue multiple loyalty points. You can redeem those points from the credit card issuer. Plus, there are cash backs and discounts on multiple purchases.
  • ATM facility – The ATM facility allows you to withdraw foreign currency using your international credit card. Hence, you need not worry about cash shortages during your travel. International ATM withdrawal is one of the most convenient facilities offered by international credit card issuers.

How to choose the best credit card

While choosing a credit card, you need to look after a number of important factors like processing fee, annual maintenance charges, late fee, cash back offers, discounts, and other benefits. 

  • Look for international credit cards which offer minimal processing fee and zero annual maintenance charge. 
  • Cash withdrawal facility is another important aspect of any credit card. Emergency cash withdrawal from a credit card can help you out in many emergency situations.
  • Cash back offers and loyalty rewards are another important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration while choosing a credit card.
  • Customer feedback and market reputation helps you in understanding the personalized experience of a particular credit card user. It can help you pick the best from the lot.
  • International credit cards are important if you are into frequent international travel for business and leisure, then an international credit card is the best option for you. It will help you conduct transactions and withdraw cash from multiple overseas locations. Most international credit card issuers enable multi currency transactions. Hence, if you are travelling to Europe, followed by Middle East and South Asia; your international credit card would be valid in all locations.

An international credit card offers you financial freedom in overseas locations by integrating multi currency transactions and cash withdrawal through a single swipe card. A credit card related discussion is incomplete without the mention of Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. It is one of the best credit cards in the market which offers multiple cash back and rewards points to the users. Plus, as a cardholder, you can withdraw interest free cash for 50 days from any ATM counter.

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