How to choose a sketchbook

How to choose a sketchbook. Choosing the perfect sketchbook can be a daunting and exciting task. If you are a trainee, you are presumably questioning what sketchbook setup, what kind of bills, how many sides, spiral or hardcover, and if I avoid it after 3 pages because these sketchbooks are very expensive and are one-tenth part of the price. And so on and so on. Unfortunately, even if you are not a novice artist, you can sometimes fall prey to the paralysis of sketchbook analysis. You might have your favorite sketchbook asking for 5 at a time, and then one day, you see someone’s Instagram sketchbook photo and everything you thought you knew and loved about your favorite sketchbook all of a sudden.

However, this can be fun. At least for us obsessed with art. The thrill of opening a new sketchbook, feeling the paper, turning the pages, and making your first mark on an unfamiliar surface can give you a bit of artistic excitement. So what is the most reliable way to keep a sketchbook? Here are some things to keep in mind when try sketchbook shopping for drawing ideas is more than it is worth.

Sketchbook size

Think about whether you will use this sketchbook in one place or whether you want to take it with you. You don’t wish to an 8.5 x 11 “made sketchbook if you’re only taking a bag or you don’t own one. Go as small as possible without making the book too small to work on happily. I feel better working on larger sketchbooks at home because I can distribute my work across the page. I can draw tiny ideas here and there, or if I want to develop a picture on a full page or spread it out, there is plenty of room to see it.

I only use smaller sketchbooks to carry in my bag, and then they tend to become a combination of sketches and notes. Talking of graphics and messages, I have a line of Sketch hack records that I am VERY passionate about for people who like to write or draw while holding signs.

Drawing paper style

What materials do you use the most in your sketchbooks? For example, do you carry a travel watercolor kit with you? Or maybe you trust the world’s lightest H pencil and like to draw only on soft, creamy paper. Think about whether you need your sketchbook to be made of the best quality paper because you need to see how your art supplies will work on it, or if it is used primarily for on-the-go ideas, for quick sketches.

Sketchbook drawing

How to choose a sketchbook

Once you’ve learned the weight and type of paper you want, you’ll want to understand if you prefer hardcover, softcover, spiral, joined, or glue-bound sketchbooks. Some notebooks have perforated pages, so you can easily cut them, including many spiral-bound notebooks. Some notebooks are so well stitched that you have to cut the pages with a utility knife if you want to remove them from the book. Sometimes super-low sketchbooks begin to fall aside quickly because they stick collectively cheap, so think about it when matching rates.

When I was in high school, I mostly used medium-quality spiral-bound sketchbooks. So it’s probably a safe bet to use one of these if you’re in high school trying different media or sticking primarily to pencil. In college, I would always buy 11×14 ″ black hardcover sketchbooks, imagine the covers, and use all kinds of art supplies inside: charcoal, pencil, pen, watercolor, gouache, clay, oil pastel, beer. What sketchbooks do I choose now? It varies like crazy. I usually go for a medium, medium, and half-priced sketchbook, to keep routine and boring.

I still like to use larger sketchbooks at home to play across the page. I need to keep it open and flat and vary my art supplies between ink and paint, so I need paper supporting those materials, but I wouldn’t say I like to use watercolor paper sketches.

Beautiful sketchbooks

Also, I can’t buy fancy notebooks because shit freezes me, and I feel like nothing I could put in the notebook would do it justice. However, I can wish you all for your incredible design and artistic perfection. And I can give them to you as a gift so other people can get stuck. You will undoubtedly need a list of sketchbook ideas now that you’ve ordered 6 new sketchbooks, so find your inspiration here.

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